What is Working Class Christianity?

WCC is a cooperative blog reflecting on the faith, relationships, work life, and power of ordinary people living in a world ruled by capital.

These writings are meant to be an invitation—if not an all out push—for ordinary workers “in the pews” to consider the ways in which God calls Christians toward deep solidarity, creativity, communal struggle, and a more abundant life in contrast to the alienating and death-wielding experiences of life that all too often result from capitalism’s worship of profit-maximization, it’s division of us into employers and employees, and it’s need for working people to see one another as enemies.

We prayerfully hope these short reflections on faith, work, and relationships will encourage you and your faith community to journey deeper into the radical Christian commitment of the way of the cross in light of a world that is bent toward the pursuit of profit, even at the expense of the wellbeing of God’s beloved creation.

Our contributors

Chris Ruth (he/him) writes from Kansas City, MO. Chris is an underemployed seminary grad, spouse, and dad.

Olivia Sonell (ze/hir, she/her) writes from New York City. Olivia is a wife, a community organiser, grad school student, and a coffee shop barista.

You! We welcome contributions from comrades and disciples committed to liberating reflections on Christian faith. Send us an email with your q’s about publishing with WCC.

As we begin this work together, it’s important to the contributors to plainly state that we do not pretend to offer a comprehensive perspective on what life is like for all working people living in our now globalized, capitalist world. We are finite and limited in both our experience and knowledge, but the goal we strive toward is solidarity with all those bear the different, yet interrelated, burdens of capitalism.

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In faithful solidarity,

Working Class Christianity

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Reflections on the way of the cross in a world ruled by capital.


Reflections on the way of the cross in a world ruled by capital.